Arianna Eastland


When a DNA test revealed that Arianna Eastland was part Abenaki, something she hadn’t previously been aware of, she became inspired to research the Native-American culture and history in the areas of Quebec and New England. One book she read alleged that many women who were kidnapped and held for ransom by Native-American warriors often opted not to return to their homes because they became infatuated with their captors. This inspired Arianna to write her first historical romance, TOO FAR TO WHISPER, set in 17th-Century New England – a project that took her over four years to complete.

When she is not writing, Arianna enjoys hiking, traveling and art. She also confesses that one of her guilty pleasures is watching TV reality shows.

Books by Arianna Eastland

Too Far to Whisper by Arianna Eastland. Historical Romance. Book cover
In 1654 New England, 19-year-old Rosalind Chandler vows never to marry, and to swiftly discourage any man who attempts to change her mind. Her reasons for remaining unwed are valid, yet she never has spoken of them to anyone, which causes gossip and speculation to run rampant in the town. Due to some clever manipulation, Rosalind’s mother, eager to see her eldest daughter wed, arranges for Rosalind to become the live-in companion of the ailing wife of the town’s powerful magistrate – who just happens to have two handsome and charismatic sons.
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