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Armina Turner


Armina Turner is a former psychiatrist, psychotherapist. About seven years ago, she ultimately gave up traditional medicine to dive deeper into alternative methods of improving clients' lives. She found out that kind words and working with the mind patterns gave better results than various pills.

She currently focuses on counseling and witchcraft. Spirituality, occultism, rituals, spells, yoga, and meditation are now valuable parts of her daily routine. Being a traveler for many years, she had a unique opportunity to learn from Siberian Shamans and Peruvian Witches.

Armina Turner will lovingly guide you through the path of Witchcraft and Magic.

Books by Armina Turner

The Witchy Way in 21 Days - Book cover
Within the pages of this book, you will discover a 21 days’ guide to becoming a House Witch. One unique task for each day, which works even for a beginner. Forget about the routine; how about creating a grimoire instead? You’ve probably heard about Green Witch, Wicca, and Modern Witchcraft? Are you interested in becoming a real practitioner and opening the doors to magick spells? You’re on the right track because this book works as a practical guide!
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality