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The Witchy Way in 21 Days

Your Personal Guide to Daily House Magick
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by Armina Turner  US United States

November 1, 2020   |    346 reads    |   0 comments

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The Witchy Way in 21 Days - Book coverWithin the pages of this book, you will discover a 21 days’ guide to becoming a House Witch. One unique task for each day, which works even for a beginner. Forget about the routine; how about creating a grimoire instead?

You’ve probably heard about Green Witch, Wicca, and Modern Witchcraft? Are you interested in becoming a real practitioner and opening the doors to magick spells? You’re on the right track because this book works as a practical guide!

It's not a secret, that we live in a world full of noise, stress, and mindless conversations. We have thousands of connections but often feel disconnected from everyone and everything. We have forsaken how to witchcraft. Our subtle powers have been lost.

The author of "The Witchy Way in 21 days" came a long way from a former medical worker to becoming a self-sustainable practitioner.

Armina Turner quit her highly paid job to start from scratch, to discover the Unknown. She consults, she shows how to self-care, she grandmotherly accompanies each reader on this tricky track.

Armina Turner has genuinely put a piece of her soul in this wonderful work.

Inside this Modern Witchcraft and Spellbook you'll find how to:

  • Turn your house into a temple
  • Embrace the inner Divine and become a Powerful Witch
  • Create magick affirmations
  • Spellcraft, perform rituals
  • Connect with the ancestors and receive protection
  • Meditate and get in touch with your subconscious mind

Good luck and have a fantastic journey into the Brand New Amazing Witchy Witch Life.


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