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Arthur van den Elzen


Arthur van den Elzen (1964) was born in the Netherlands. He studied Communications at the University of Nijmegen in his home country and did his thesis at an educational radiostation in Riobamba, Ecuador. Afterwards he worked for two networks of these so called Radios Populares in Ecuador (6 years) & Guatemala (3 years), before settling down in Ecuador.

Nowadays, he runs a hotel & restaurant in the Andean market town of Otavalo, together with his wife Wendy. Also he permanently works on a personal blog ( and writes nonfiction books. He has published five books so far (mainly in Dutch) and is working on a sixth. Histories that took place in Mexico, Guatemala & Ecuador. 14 days in May is so far the only personal story he wrote about his family. Arthur’s first book in English.

Books by Arthur van den Elzen

14 days in May by Arthur van den Elzen. An inspiring true story from the Netherlands. Book cover
On May 1st 2011, I traveled from Ecuador to my native country to say goodbye to my dying father. Two intensive weeks followed, where death was constantly looking around the corner, while life was still the focus - his life. About sixty years earlier, my father survived a serious accident. He was hit by a bullet in his face, a bullet that exploded in his head. Doctors only just managed to save his life. With a new, but maimed face he had to return to his hometown, the small village of his ancestors in the South of the Netherlands.
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