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Arun, the author, lives in Kerala which is the southernmost part of India. He has been working as an Automobile Engineer and freelance designer. He is an e-book author and member of both International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers and Nonfiction Authors Association. Interested in human evolution he has been researching on the subject for several years. However, being an engineer, there are motives for researching on a new subject. In Indian society the people with dark skin is more likely to be discriminated and treated as a lower class or inferior social being. It is a society obsessed with castes and color of skin. The author, who is extremely worried and devastated by the racial prejudice that exists in his country, began inquisitive and started research on the reasons towards racial discrimination. It was found that, it is just a psychological process after visual perception and the brain’s unconscious reaction towards colors and perspectives. However, the existing theory, like the correlation between skin color and geographical distribution of UV radiation, which explains the causes of skin color are neither enough nor satisfyingly explains the reasons and they are just the tip of a mysterious iceberg. His thoughts began to drift for an answer and reached onto study the human evolution. Self professed with time he began an expert in evolutionary anthropology, paleoanthropology and evolutionary biology. His three years of independent and dedicated research made him to reach onto the findings of some hidden truths about human evolution that caused differences in skin color and appearances among humans around the world. This book will provide you a real perspective in clearing your doubts about the differences among humans. The author dedicates this book against the notions of racism.

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Late Evolvers by Arun Babu. Book cover.

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