Late Evolvers

How Human Evolution Given Birth To Races
Book by Arun Babu

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Late Evolvers by Arun Babu. How Human Evolution Given Birth To Races. Book coverThere are so many races and ethnic groups, so many variations and differences. Often we wonder why this has happened. Climatic conditions, environment and geographic distribution of UV radiation have long been blamed for differences in skin colour and racial natures of humans around the world. However, Evolution played a major role in making these differences among humans. There are some hidden truths in the evolution that could explain about how different racial natures came into humans, which had more effect than other reasons such as climate, environmental and geographic conditions.
This book lays its effort to unravel these mysteries in the simplest way possible and forwards a rather new theory related to human evolution, which we could completely depend upon to know about variations in skin color, the differences in facial structure and the cognitive development of people around the world. The human evolution was a linear progression from tree climbers to big brained modern humans but recently scientists found out that our evolutionary past was a great deal more complex, In East Africa at least three or as many as six species of human-like apes were around during the period from 2.5 to 1.8 million years ago, more diversity than predicted earlier. Now our family tree may have to be completely redrawn.

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Arun, the author, lives in Kerala which is the southernmost part of India. He has been working as an Automobile Engineer and freelance designer. He is an e-book author and member of both International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers and Nonfiction Authors Association. Interested in human evolution he has been researching on the subject for several years. However, being an...


Re "There are so many races and ethnic groups": Ethnicity concerns societal norms and values. It has nothing to do with race. A child adopted by a Jewish family could be racially Chinese but ethnically Jewish.

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