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B.A. Knight


Because of the belief in myself and my Lover's belief in me I no longer run and hide. I stand firm and face that which life throws in my path. I no longer seek confrontation but allow it to come to me, then brace myself and stand firm. The hardest lesson I ever had to learn was, “no one will ever believe in me unless I believe in myself first”. All of the above is who I am, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Lover, Business Owner and now Author. All of these items are what makes me very much me. At heart side by side we fight for what we love and believe in. We stand firm unwilling to accept defeat. 

Books by B.A. Knight

Immortal Love
Immortal Love - Is just over 80,300 word fantasy that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions when you join our heroine Lillian as she embarks on a world she didn’t even know existed. In 1826 at age ten Lillian lost both parents and was raised by her brothers on Balta Island.
Fiction > Romance