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Immortal Love

Book by B.A. Knight

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January 27, 2012  |  1,346 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Immortal LoveImmortal Love - Is just over 80,300 word fantasy that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions when you join our heroine Lillian as she embarks on a world she didn’t even know existed. In 1826 at age ten Lillian lost both parents and was raised by her brothers on Balta Island. Through the harsh winter months her brother Haldan feared they wouldn’t make it till spring. To ensure their well being he made a deal with what he thought were the Godds for a small payment. Haldan finds out over a century later that the Godds were actually vampires and the payment was his little sister Lillian. Lillian a strong willed, carefree, sexual, witty women has a hot steamy sexual relationship with her brother’s best friend Duncan. Lillian struggling with the fact that she is deceiving her brother learns that Duncan is in love with her. Just as Lillian thinks she’s in love with Duncan Alec comes to collect his debt, HER! Lillian angry, confused and hurt struggles with her conflicting feelings of lust passion and desire as she starts to fall in love with the vampire that ripped her away from everything she knew and loved. Just when Lillian thinks her life is the way she wants it an unfortunate turn of events rips Alec from her. On her journey to find her Love Lillian is thrown in the arms of an ex lover, Duncan. Lillian now finds herself not only searching for Alec but tormented by her lust and growing feelings for Duncan. Will Lillian find Alec or will she fall in love with Duncan?

Alec a strong powerful vampire has only one weakness, Lillian. When Alec lost the love of his life as she gave birth to their daughter he made a deal to save her soul. Lillian must remember and fall in love with him on her own or Alec will lose her forever. For all the passionate loving moments they share together they have just as much turmoil. After a century being without his Immortal love, Alec’s life couldn’t be any better however, he losses it all in one single moment when he is ambushed. Will Lillian find him in time before he meets his final death?

Duncan is a lovely, strong, gentle man who has loved Lillian for as long as he could remember however, Lillian never returned the feelings. Duncan and Lillian’s love affair was cut to short when Alec showed up to collect his debt. Months of heart break Duncan finds Lillian to discover she is in love with another man that is missing. Without hesitation Duncan assists Lillian in her search. As Lillian’s heart breaks over Alec she becomes closer to the man that is always by her side, Duncan. How much self torture can Duncan handle, will he continue helping Lillian search for Alec and if he does will her feelings him grow stronger?

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Because of the belief in myself and my Lover's belief in me I no longer run and hide. I stand firm and face that which life throws in my path. I no longer seek confrontation but allow it to come to me, then brace myself and stand firm. The hardest lesson I ever had to learn was, “no one will ever believe in me unless I believe in myself first”. All of the above is who I am,...

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