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Barnaby Hazen


Barnaby Hazen is an author, editor, and a musician. After eight years of education in music, amounting to a BA in contemporary music and an MA in jazz, he has made an ambitious return to the world of literature as editor to Seven Eleven Stories, and the Bud Hawthorne Revue (go to for more information). His first full length book, "Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories," is now available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback. He performs regularly as a guitarist and a bassist with various local ensembles, and continues to take work on the side, ghostwriting and editing through various freelance sites.

Books by Barnaby Hazen

Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories (book) by Barnaby Hazen
The innovative use of a common theme, convenience store phenomena, oddly weaves these nine strange tales together. The book follows a recurring character throughout the collection, Alex Aronovich, while he flees a distasteful life in Los Angeles—only to find Moscow every bit as unforgiving of his knack for romantic folly.