Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories

Seven Eleven Forgotten and Other Stories by Barnaby Hazen - Book cover.

3 January, 2016

The innovative use of a common theme, convenience store phenomena, oddly weaves these nine strange tales together.

Four stories revolve around Alex Aronovich‚ a talented but profoundly discouraged soul.

When Alex finds himself binge drinking to the point of hallucinations, and has an unfortunate run-in with Ana, a sharp, unscrupulous ex-girlfriend, he takes the leap of what seems an inevitable trip overseas. Fleeing his distasteful life in Los Angeles, he finds that Moscow, though more fitting aesthetically to his malaise, is every bit as unforgiving of his knack for romantic folly.

Other stories (such as "A TIA for Gia," and "Princess 7") dance eclectically and playfully around the convenience store theme--as a painter's subject used repeatedly, from never the same point of view.

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