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Bill Dobbs


Bill Dobbs was born to Irish parents in London. He chose to become a teacher of English and after graduating from Didsbury College, Manchester, embarked on his career as a teacher of English as a foreign language. He has taught in Sweden, Germany, Austria, the UK and Switzerland, where he now resides and works. He is the author of the pass-english-exams suite of online software programs. His hobbies include golf, listening to the music of Van Morrison, mythology, theology, and philosophy. He adamantly claims that all of these hobbies are one and the same thing. This is his first book. He says that it may well be his last one.

Books by Bill Dobbs

I Have a Question by Bill Dobbs. Book cover
The book contains a compilation of the author’s experiences as a teacher of English as a foreign language. In an often humorous way, it explains certain grammatical points, looks into the etymology of certain words and comments on the use, misuse and abuse of the English language in today’s world.
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