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Bonnie de Beer


Bonnie de Beer grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a girl, she was an avid reader and often turned to her imagination to escape into various fun adventures.

Over the years she wrote poetry and outlines for several books, including Mila & Wallace, but never took her writing further. Her two children inspired her to complete Mila & Wallace.

Bonnie loves the South African bush and wildlife. Mila & Wallace were born while watching the antics of various animals in South African game reserves.

Bonnie believes that it is important for children to develop a love for learning and hopes to author more books for children that are fun and educational.

Books by Bonnie de Beer

Mila & Wallace (book) by Bonnie de Beer
What is an adventure without a best friend? Mila, a young inquisitive monkey, loves exploring. Finally, while her mother and father are sleeping, she finds the chance to do so alone. However, as Mila soon learns, exploring on your own can be a little scary and rather lonely. Wallace loves having mud baths and is having an amazing wallow when he is rudely interrupted by this mischievous little monkey.
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