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Mila & Wallace

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August 20, 2016  |  1,621 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Mila & Wallace (book) by Bonnie de BeerWhat is an adventure without a best friend?

Mila, a young inquisitive monkey, loves exploring. Finally, while her mother and father are sleeping, she finds the chance to do so alone. However, as Mila soon learns, exploring on your own can be a little scary and rather lonely.

Wallace loves having mud baths and is having an amazing wallow when he is rudely interrupted by this mischievous little monkey.

Will Mila be brave enough to strike up a friendship with Wallace? Can two such different creatures be friends?

Find out what happens to Mila and Wallace in this fun African adventure, and learn about friendships and being more responsible.

Author's Notes

I originally drafted Mila & Wallace early one morning while watching various animals coming to drink from a waterhole in a game reserve close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. I noticed the differences between the cheeky Vervet monkeys and the more cautious, serious warthogs and that got me thinking about how opposites are often attracted to each other. I started telling my daughter stories based on this draft and now I have finally, after many years, published it.

About Bonnie de Beer

ZA South Africa

Bonnie de Beer grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a girl, she was an avid reader and often turned to her imagination to escape into various fun adventures. Over the years she wrote poetry and outlines for several books, including Mila...

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