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Brenda Kearns


Brenda Kearns lives in Ontario, Canada, with her seven kids, two cats, and a fat, three-legged Great Dane. Brenda worked as a science teacher until she realized that writing was a lot more fun—and having a home office meant she could work in her pajamas.

Books by Brenda Kearns

Fiesta de pijamas en el zoológico (book) by Brenda Kearns
En Español! Toni sólo desea una cosa: terminar 6to grado en su nueva escuela sin que sus amigos descubran que su familia está loca... ¡y tiene un zoológico en el sótano! Cuando la niña más popular de la escuela insiste en que Toni dé una fiesta de pijamas, el sueño de Toni de tener una vida normal se ve seriamente amenazado.
Fiction > Children
The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet (book) by Brenda Kearns
All 14-year-old Monica Bloomfield wants is to spend August at a science camp far away from her idiot sister and weird little brother. Trouble is, Monica’s being dragged into the wedding party of her crabby old great aunt who lives in England—and if she wants to earn that science camp ...
Fiction > Humor
Pyjamazoo (book) by Brenda Kearns
Evelyn only wants one thing: To get through 6th grade at her new school without everyone finding out that her family is crazy—and there’s a zoo in their basement. When the most popular girl in school insists that Evelyn have a sleepover, it looks like Evelyn’s dream of being normal is about to be smashed.
Fiction > Children
Home (book) by Brenda Kearns
It’s Allie’s 14th birthday, and she’s in her 17th foster home. “Suck it up,” her mom says. “Play the game and they’ll let you come home.” And Allie’s great at the game—at lying about her mom’s drinking, at hiding the weird things her little brother does that worry social workers, at pretending the counseling is actually helping.
Fiction > Children