The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet

The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet by Brenda Kearns - Book cover.
Brenda Kearns

19 January, 2016

All 14-year-old Monica Bloomfield wants is to spend August at a science camp far away from her idiot sister and weird little brother. Trouble is, Monica’s being dragged into the wedding party of her crabby old great aunt who lives in England—and if she wants to earn that science camp, she has to keep her siblings in line for the entire trip, plus convince her crazy Grandma to move into a nursing home pronto. Monica’s determined to succeed, but things start out badly—and go downhill fast.

First, her hyperactive brother overdoses on caffeine right before their eight-hour flight to England. Then a botched wine-tasting party ends so badly that even a policeman is left speechless (and in need of a new uniform). Getting into science camp isn’t going to be easy—especially with a rampaging bull, drunk parrot and the most gorgeous guy in the universe standing in her way.

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Genre: Fiction > Humor


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