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Casey Harris


I am a college student. I've done my best to study the Infinite Universe outside of the education system that I am in, including everything from Consciousness Explained and Systems Theory to Shakespeare, Sri Aurobindo, and the Encyclopedia of Creativity. I meditate quite frequently, usually close to an hour in the morning, sometimes more. I spent my early(er) life in books, getting lost in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series in 8th grade, and George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" not long after. When I wasn't doing that, I was playing video games (I'm pretty confident in my Halo skills), or listening to music.

I want to do more with my life than just write, though I certainly hope to make my own full-sized epic world when I am older, and I already have a lot of the ideas for it in my head. But I want to do a lot of other stuff first, while I'm still young.


Books by Casey Harris

Colorful Toys In A Broken World (book image did not load)
An innocent child, upon whom nothing less than the fate of humanity seems to depend, receives a dark, oddly shaped gift from a mysterious stranger. It is the first person other than her mother that she has met in years, the two of them having been forced into hidden seclusion after wars and civil collapse wrecked havoc on the planet, and after her father was assassinated for his role in trying to prevent it.