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Charles F. Bond


Charles F. Bond is an author of fantasy and paranormal fiction. His debut novellas are a trilogy of undersea adventure tales entitled, Beyond Endless Tides. Always a daydreamer, he was in his early twenties when he realised the potential to put those musings into words on a page.

Books by Charles F. Bond

The Aquithus Bearer (book) by Charles F. Bond
Morg and Ethos continue their adventure to stop the need for mating with human madness. There has been six revolves of the sun since their encounter with the White Queen, and now they seek another for guidance. Nepulus is an aged merman whom they hope will help in their quest. In a long deserted cave they discover their daughter is different, and though Ethos knows that it is Aquithus that burns in her body, he knows what it means and keeps it from Morg, for the time being.
Fiction > Fantasy