The Aquithus Bearer

Morg and Ethos continue their adventure to stop the need for mating with human madness. There has been six revolves of the sun since their encounter with the White Queen, and now they seek another for guidance. Nepulus is an aged merman whom they hope will help in their quest. In a long deserted cave they discover their daughter is different, and though Ethos knows that it is Aquithus that burns in her body, he knows what it means and keeps it from Morg, for the time being.

Chrythus is a magic wielder and has lived a long, fulfilling life. He has charged himself with protecting Morgella and Ethos, and moreover their daughter. It is with her the White Queen could make a move to land possible, which is folly and she must be stopped. On his journey he smells Aquithus on the current and with it the desire to end his long, solitary existence is rekindled. He misses his lost love and is taunted by her to join him. To do so he must remove Aquithus from the youngling by their death before they mature, whoever that youngling may be.

Author's Notes

The story for all Beyond Endless Tides novellas came to me because I love the ocean, and its endless possibilities. We haven't yet discovered all its secrets, and this, to me, is a good thing. There should always be mystery to any place, the unknown, for without it, when we know everything, what then? Besides, mystery allows the imagination to fill in the blanks and create engaging stories, even if these stories are only ever created in ones own mind.

I do believe there is some form of humanoid in the depths, and perhaps some day they will let themselves known to us.

On another note, I lost my bestest friend in the whole world when I was but eight years old. He drowned on the Herald of Free Enterprise in 1987. I remember him often, not as voraciously as I used to, and like to think that merfolk came to him, and the others, and took them below the surf, where they found new lives.

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy

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