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Charles R. Verhey


I've always enjoyed telling stories, ever since I was a kid and got into role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and RIFTS and others like it.  My friends and I would get together and take turns being the "Game Master", but pretty soon people were asking me to run the games - actually requesting me - because I told really good stories. It was like my gateway drug to sharing my stories with people, and before long I was writing.  It just continued to grow from there.
I wrote FIRECRACKER back in 2002 - 2003 (my third novel), but didn't have an avenue to publish it until just recently. For a few years my aspirations for writing had to take a back seat to other things happening in my life. Ten years later I'm back, and services like CreateSpace and Amazon's Kinde Direct Publishing have changed everything for me. It's really exciting to know I have found an audience. I'm looking forward to writing the next book in the series.

Books by Charles R. Verhey

Firecracker is a fun contemporary fantasy thriller about a young woman named Aideen Cassidy, who has to be careful with her emotions because when she explodes, things literally explode! Being a pyrokinetic - able to start fires with her mind - isn't an easy thing to live with, especially when trying to find work in the modern world.
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