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Corine Toren


Corine Toren is a new author! "Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety" is her first book, and she is extremely proud of the work she has accomplished. Corine recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a major in Global Studies. However, Corine was always passionate about writing, and intends to pursue writing as a future career. Since she was 9-years-old, Corine has been interested in writing and publishing books. She is so grateful that she has finally been able to accomplish one of her goals at a young age. Corine is eager to ignite her writing career. She hopes to continue writing books, screenplays, and maybe even a musical one day! Besides writing, Corine also enjoys baking, traveling, hot yoga, and learning foreign languages.

Books by Corine Toren

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety (book) by Corine Toren
"Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety" is a unique parenting book because it was completely written from the child's perspective. The author writes about her own personal experience, while also including suggestions for parents to help their children overcome anxiety.
Non Fiction > Parenting & Family