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by Emily Fletcher / US United States

Are you looking for simple, gentle, practical ways to help your baby go to sleep faster? Tired of sleepless nights and constant stress? Then this book is for you! Sleep— peaceful sleep of at least a five-hour stretch through the night—is a dream for most mothers. Having a new baby can wreak havoc on our sleep schedules, leaving us feeling tired and overwhelmed—but we don’t have to put up with this! Inside this book, you’ll uncover easy ways to soothe your baby and help them fall asleep with ease.


Happy Baby Sleep Solutions - Book cover
by Eve Bernard / US United States

This book will be useful for parents who want to learn about a new approach to relationships with children. Being a parent is not an easy task. Be prepared for the fact that your worldview will be picked apart and deconstructed. You will have to change in order to understand your child. This may not be easy, but it will be a powerful catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth. Prepare for your personal beliefs to be challenged and reconfigured one by one, freeing up space for new perspectives.


When Parents Are Wings For a Child - Book cover
by Anna Palin / US United States

A look at what it takes to parent a child with the end-goal of raising a well-rounded, happy adult. This book looks at each stage of development from Birth, Toddlers, Young Children, to Teenagers and Young Adults and how to focus on happiness and your child’s well-being while handling some of each age groups unique developmental challenges.


Mindset of the Happy - Book cover
by Casey Robson / US United States

Handling a toddler’s temper tantrum is a challenging task for every parent. Questions like “What do I do?” and “When will this ever stop?” seem to be very difficult to answer. Now all these questions can be answered and these challenges can be overcome with the help of this book. Learn the ins and outs of every toddler’s temper tantrums. Find out its causes with the corresponding prevention.Discover the symptoms of temper tantrums and know the different steps to prevent it from happening.


Effective Baby and Toddler Discipline (book) by Casey Robson
by Casey Robson / US United States

This book contains practical suggestions and solutions on implementing sleep routines from the newborn stage to 5 years of age. Discover techniques on how to convert a regular bedroom to a conducive sleep area for your child. Know what essential materials mothers need to ensure good sleep for their babies. Find out the importance of sleep for the child’s healthy development and know how much sleep a newborn, an infant, or a toddler needs. Learn the different difficulties in establishing a good sleep cycle and the strategies in implementing age appropriate sleep plans.


The Successful Baby Sleep Solution (book) by Casey Robson
by Casey Robson / US United States

If you are expecting a baby and would like to give your little one the best gift of their life, then you have certainly come to the right place. We have come up with a comprehensive guide with some of the most unique and thoughtful baby names for both boys and girls. Our suggestions will certainly be of a great help, and you will surely end up picking a perfect name for your baby from our list.


Unique Baby Names and Meanings (book) by Casey Robson
by Corine Toren / US United States

"Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety" is a unique parenting book because it was completely written from the child's perspective. The author writes about her own personal experience, while also including suggestions for parents to help their children overcome anxiety.


Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety (book) by Corine Toren
by Pamela Li / US United States

Discover how today's brain research can help parents stop temper tantrums in this #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Parenting Toddlers. By following the step-by-step instructions, parents can make terrible-twos terrific. Give your child the gift of emotional self control now!


Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs (book) by Pamela Li.

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Inside The Midnight Hour
Inside The Midnight Hour - Book cover
by Allen Stanfill