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Craig Alexander


Craig Alexander is a member of the International Thriller writers and served two consecutive years as a judge in their best hardcover novel competition. His first novel, The Nineveh Project, was honored with a best of Mississippi award.
He holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Han Mu Do, and has studied many other styles.
He loves to play tennis, watch good movies, and of course read.
He lives in Mississippi with his family.

Books by Craig Alexander

The Assassin's Case - Book cover
What is a man to do when his life is ruined by a notorious criminal? Pursue justice? Exact revenge? What if said criminal seems to exist above the law, completely untouchable? For Grant Sawyer, this bleak scenario is reality. Sixteen years have passed since a coordinated set of bombs took his family. Grant is a walking ghost of the man he was back then. His career in an elite division of the FBI is done, his friends have dwindled, and his prospects are bleak.
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