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Dave Donahue


I am 49 years old and have worked as a blue collar tradesman and a US Marine since I was 17 years old. I was raised in San Diego California in a small beach town called Ocean Beach. I grew up quick and had a suicide in my family when I was 17. Since then I have worked and supported myself through manual work. In 2005 I came close to death due to meningitis and decided it was time to slow down. I am currently working on a new series chapter for The Sunshine Murders and have the honor of being interviewed on The Authors Show on November 8th 2012.

Books by Dave Donahue

The Sunshine Murders (book) by Dave Donahue
Dave Donahue initially wrote an autobiography entitled "My life, a life story or a man infected." This book was written after Mr Donahue was hospitalized with meningitis and a diagnosis of Aids. After enduring a month in the hospital and near death, he survived and turned his focus to writing and art.