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Deonne Williams


Deonne lives on the sandbar known as Florida. She is happily married to Rory and blissfully owned by a stunning mare named Kay Kay and a demanding over-familiar tuxedo cat named Ritz.
She loves fantasy, RPGs, Star Wars and Jimmy Buffet. She hopes to take readers on an epic fantasy journey and is currently neck-deep in Balahar writing her second book in the series.

Books by Deonne Williams

Fae Song: Ballads of Balahar - Book cover
What would you chance to right the worst wrong? Life and time itself might be forever changed for them both. The dazzling realm of the Fae Royal Court of Heralith awaits them if only she can muster her skills both learned and hidden. Gwynn is an incredibly talented Bard of Inishmore venturing out alone into the bold realm of Balahar. We first meet the Southron warrior Shae in a daunting battle for his life.
Fiction > Fantasy