Fae Song

Fae Song: Ballads of Balahar by Deonne Williams, book cover.
Ballads of Balahar
Deonne Williams

18 March, 2020

What would you chance to right the worst wrong? Life and time itself might be forever changed for them both. The dazzling realm of the Fae Royal Court of Heralith awaits them if only she can muster her skills both learned and hidden.

Gwynn is an incredibly talented Bard of Inishmore venturing out alone into the bold realm of Balahar. We first meet the Southron warrior Shae in a daunting battle for his life. If Gwynn can harness all her hidden gifts to save him, the two can share an exciting journey of adventure and redemption. An ancient Fae Prince will guide them through a secret labyrinth of portals where they will discover a hidden kingdom.

In the royal court of Heralith magic and music wind seamlessly around them and they will discover mysterious forces at play. In this vivid fairy tale we see Gwynn and Shae face life and loss and forge a friendship stronger than time.

If you root for the Bard in The Witcher, Fae Song is your next fantasy binge.

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy


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