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Devra Robitaille


Devra lives in Sarasota, Florida and has authored a series of novels for children and young adults. “Peachey and the Globosis” was originally written as a cartoon series complete with musical score. It is Devra’s plan to record it as an audio book in the near future. Her soon-to-be-released book for older readers, Devin and the Dream Stealers has already received rave reviews, and she is now working on the “Muffy” series for children; The first book “Muffy and the Dog Catcher,” is available now on Amazon and “Muffy’s Great Escape to Florida,” and “Muffy Meets the Medicine Cat,” will be released soon. She continues to write and compose for the theatre, but loves to write for children.

Books by Devra Robitaille

Muffy and the Dog Catcher (book) by Devra Robitaille
Muffy is a happy and curious Goldendoodle puppy who lives on a farm. One day she chases a silly grasshopper and gets lost. She finds herself alone and hungry, on the point of collapse, but luck is on her side and she is adopted by a wonderful family, the Gabriels, who have a very orderly and devoted pack of dogs.
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