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DM Giafardino


DM Giafardino (Donnie Pizza) is an American author of Biker Tales and Other Assorted Love Songs. Don was born in Port Chester, NY in 1963. He grew up in the adjacent town of Byram, Ct. This ethnically mixed, working class neighborhood provides the basis for some of his writings.

His "careers" have included being a crane operator, cell-phone tower climber, columnist, mechanic, truck driver, and restaurateur. Motorcycles have always been a passion for him, preferably Harleys, and old school choppers-regardless of make. For the past 25 years, South Florida has been his home.

Books by DM Giafardino

I am Johnny Black
I AM JOHNNY BLACK is the first story in the Biker Fiction Series; Meet Johnny Black. 19 year old Johnny “Black” Nigro finds himself in the middle of one of the largest alliances in underworld history.