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Dominic Sciulli


Dominic Sciulli enjoyed writing from a young age starting off with fanfiction before he first threw himself into writing fully-fledged novels like the Forgotten Past books.

Books by Dominic Sciulli

Forgotten Past Her Secret Powers (book) by Dominic Sciulli. Book cover
A new threat by the name of Layton Prenter escapes from prison, and Liam finds out his family has been hiding some important information from him and his twin sister for many years. He has to get to the bottom of this mystery before it’s too late. At the same time, he has to get ready for his first year at Greenspan Academy, and he couldn’t be more excited. Liam is looking forward to learning about a variety of spells, conjurings, potions, and even rituals to summon an amplitude of ghastly spirits and other world creatures.
Fiction > Romance
Forgotten Past Our Way Home by Dominic Sciulli. Book cover
Maxwell was forced to face the fact that this group of people in front of him was his real family. He was kidnapped from Earth and was brought to this new world full of fairies, elemental powers, and the strangest people or what they call themselves elemenians. He finds many cracks in the family's chemistry and he can only hope he remembers his family, or he will go mad.
Fiction > Fantasy