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Forgotten Past Our Way Home

by Dominic Sciulli  US United States

May 2, 2022   |    1,063 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Forgotten Past Our Way Home by Dominic Sciulli. Book coverMaxwell was forced to face the fact that this group of people in front of him was his real family. He was kidnapped from Earth and was brought to this new world full of fairies, elemental powers, and the strangest people or what they call themselves elemenians.

He finds many cracks in the family's chemistry and he can only hope he remembers his family, or he will go mad.

Author's Note: 

Forgotten Past Our Way Home will be apart of a series full of heartbreak, drama, action, and moments that will make your heart stop beating.


About the Author

Dominic Sciulli was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and from a young age he had a calling to writing. After numerous chapters of fanfiction, and practice ideas he completed his first book and he hopes you enjoy it!

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