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Don Sloan


I am a former journalist with a passion for reading, writing and reviewing all genres of books. Please visit my website at

I currently live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife of 38 years. She teaches at-risk youth at the county high school here.

I started a Habitat for Humanity affiliate recently in our community and am proud to say we have completed one house and are nearing completion on a second one,. Our goal is to make a difference for disadvantaged families here in the High Country, one house at a time.

Books by Don Sloan

200+ Ways to Promote Your Book and Get the Reviews You Need by Don Sloan. Book cover
This short but essential guide is required reading for authors who want to successfully promote their books. It's loaded with links to influential reviewers, including each of Amazon's Top 10,000 Reviewers, and it will be an invaluable guide to promoting your work as well. This is a handy work of reference that you'll want to keep open on your desktop as you go about promoting your book on FaceBook, Twitter, and elsewhere!
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