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Donna Scoates-Nixon


Donna Scoates-Nixon has been guiding and mentoring people to their best life through her writing and coaching for over 25 years. Besides being an author and Life coach, she is the founder of two companies; The Lazy Man's Way to Riches LLC and Voices of Value LLC, both dedicated to providing inspiration, motivation, and resources for success in all areas of life.

Donna has been surrounded her whole life with motivational mentors, so it's no surprise it was her calling as well. She was reared in South Florida with a father in the ministry and a family who always encouraged her to live her dreams...her best life. When she met her late husband, well known author and motivational speaker Richard Gilly Nixon, she found another motivational mentor and man with the same "Live your best life "spirit. Donna cowrote his book "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" and worked with him in the seminar and motivational speakers World. Since her husbands passing, she has continued the lifelong passion of motivational mentorship herself through her writing, coaching and online courses.

Born with a love of adventure, roadtripping, world exploration, BMW motorcycles and a "Why Not?" spirit...she is the poster child for You Don't Need Anyone's Permission to Live Your Best Life.

Books by Donna Scoates-Nixon

You Don't Need Anyone's Permission to Live Your Best Life! by Donna Scoates-Nixon. Book cover
In this fresh take on a much talked about subject, author and life coach Donna Scoates-Nixon guides you through an EMPOWERING personal growth journey of self-evaluation, awareness, confidence, healing, and permanent change with personal stories and "real talk." Being a poster child for the title... You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission, and a living testimonial to the principles in the book, Donna writes from experience, and shares her hard-earned wisdom with the goal of empowering you.
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