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Need to overcome certain difficulties and life issues, achieve your goals without relying on the help of others. Find great Self Help books.

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ONE MILLION PEOPLE COMMIT SUICIDE EACH YEAR! THAT'S ONE DEATH EVERY 40 SECONDS... In this book, the author shares her firsthand experience of how this tragedy unfolded and affected her family and friends. This book gives you practical tools and strategies to help yourself and others. You'll Discover: Essential strategies to help cope with sudden loss & grief, How to recognise potential warning signs & contributing factors for risk, How to know what to say & what questions to ask ... and more.


Coping with Suicide - Book cover
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A lot has been written about the mind and developing mental strength for greater success. However, the modern-day challenges drain away your energy. Developing a healthy mindset entails consistent practice over prolonged periods. It requires a sense of practicality and discipline that is all too often forgotten and neglected. If you seriously commit to developing your mindset so that you can focus on what you want over the long-term, then the results will be life-changing. To do so, you will need to learn to rely on yourself.


What Does Your Brain Need? - Book cover
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BREAK FREE after your breakup! Practical and engaging, this book shows you how to move on after a painful divorce or relationship breakup and create the life you want by implementing the 5 critical keys proven to turn things around. Available as ebook, paperback and audio.


Rise Again After Divorce - Book cover
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Can you remember the last time you enjoyed the sunset, lazy afternoon or a lazy coffee with a friend, without any rush or an urge to do something? When was the last time you told a child, "yes, we have enough time for one more story,”? And then you read it slowly and consciously, or talked to them until they fell asleep, then watched them sleep for a while? Most of us live in an endless race for achievements, chasing more and more of everything.


How to Simplify Your Life - Book cover
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Are you looking for practical keys that will guide your mind toward positive thoughts? Do you want to be free from negativity? The 7 power Keys to Positive Thinking» book will help you: to understand how your thoughts affect your life; to be motivated for positive thoughts; to be aware of changes that occur if you change your thinking habits; to uncover self-help resources ...


The 7 Power Keys to Positive Thinking - Book cover
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Have you ever felt that sleeping was your main activity, that starting a new activity would make you spend a lot of time to force yourself to do something, that everything is completely uninteresting for you, have you ever thought that life is meaningless? Have you ever felt that you are tired of everything and that too many problems have fallen on your head? It will be a huge problem to remain in this state of mind.


Unlazdep: Overcoming Laziness and Depression - Book cover
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Do you want a bright, sunny life? Do you want positive energy every day? Do you imagine yourself happy and successful? In this new book, The Technology of Positive Thinking, you will learn new strategies for transforming your brain into a positive and optimistic entity. You will get to know very effective techniques for making your life sunny, happy, positive, optimistic, successful, and bright every day.


The Technology of Positive Thinking - Book cover
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Procrastination is a really big problem which is changing the directions of your life in the wrong tunnel which has no light at the end! Do you feel yourself not taking actions and often feel tired like there is nothing new in life or maybe you are disconnected from your purpose? Do you find yourself not taking actions and regretting at a later point in life? The truth is, you may not realize this by now but procrastinating every day is a shortcut to failure and attracting bad moments, negativity in life.


Procrastination - Book cover
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Get the keys to success for finding your passion! Change your life now! THE POWER OF THE BOOK: You will not find a few pages of motivating text in the book and thousands of questions that you need to answer. All the secret rooms to your happiness will be opened with the true formula for a successful life. The author found the success formula for life. It works for everyone. The sooner you start using it, the fewer mistakes you will make.


One Rule for Life - Book cover
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Are you constantly feeling like your mind is crowded with the wants and needs of everyone else? Are you feeling emotionally drained but you’re not sure why? Are you feeling like you are the master or everyone’s universe but not sure how to fix your own? Welcome to codependency! Codependency is one of the most prevailing mental illnesses in today’s day and age and has numerous causes and effects that are detrimental to not only your mental health but also your self-esteem.


The Nasty "C" Word: Codpendency - Book cover


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The Heart of Gold - Book cover
by Hemalatha Gnanasekar