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Self help

Need to overcome certain difficulties and life issues, achieve your goals without relying on the help of others. Find great Self Help books.

by Ivan Kuznietsov / UA Ukraine

THE FIRST BOOK ABOUT THE RESEARCH OF THE INTERRELATION OF MINDFULNESS AND THRIFT. Change is work on yourself. But how can we change? The author suggests basic and accessible practices for making changes in your life. The most important is to realize what we do as often as possible. Between situation (what happens to us) and action (what we do about it) is always a perspective to choose. And what we do with that space ultimately determines our growth.


The Mindful Thrift - Book cover
by Henry Collins / US United States

How to survive during quarantine? How to survive a pandemic shock and not go crazy in quarantine? What to do to not get depressed at all? Where is best located during quarantine? How to eat during quarantine? How not to go crazy with the whole family in isolation. Quarantined children, what to do with them? How to live so that "virusophobia" does not develop?


by Anthony Glenn / US United States

What if only a few changes to your habits and life routine could dramatically improve your sleep and life satisfaction? Amazon bestselling author Anthony Glenn presents the remarkable findings of the impact of sleep on our health and how to incorporate healing tips for a good night’s rest into our lives. Based on his expertise of over 15 years of working with clients, as well as his personal experience of transformation from a sufferer of insomnia and panic attacks to a perfectly healthy and fulfilled individual ...


The Healing Powers of Sleep - Book cover
by David Redmore / GB United Kingdom

Are You Feeling More Anxious Than You’d Like To? Try These Expert-Approved Tips For Managing Anxiety And Preventing Panic Attacks! Do you feel that you’re constantly worrying about events or activities? Are you starting to avoid certain situations up to a point where it interferes with your daily life? Do you feel restless, irritable and tired, yet unable to sleep?


Stop Anxiety Now - Book cover
by Darcy Davis / US United States

There are many myths about positive thinking that do not make people healthy, happy and successful. This book busts those myths and offers an alternative, more realistic and truthful view about positive thinking. If you make repeated attempts to stay positive, but it does not yield the promised results, then it’s time to look at positivity from a new perspective. Grab this book and start making meaningful changes in your life by making changes in your thinking process.


Myth or Reality? - Book cover
by Darcy Davis / US United States

Do you want to be a happy woman? Can You Make Someone Happy if They Don't Want to Be Happy? And You Can't Be Happy if You Don't Allow Yourself to Be. Do you want to be a happy woman? The book "How to be the best woman?" will remind you of your purpose and give you positive strength in life. This is a simple guide for women who want to be happy in their lives. No one is to blame for not being your happy!


How to Be the Best Woman? - Book cover
by Allyson Hodge / US United States

In my practice, I work with people who are struggling every day. They all have their battles. Some of them are miserable because of obsessive fears that prevent them from getting out of their homes. Some are convinced they have to become skinny if they want someone to love them. Some believe they are fighting for their lives during terrible attacks, which are just panic episodes. And I get it.


A Life Reclaimed - Book cover
by Godspower Oparaugo / NG Nigeria

A lot of people have made thousands of mistakes. The mistakes have kept them from making success. This book will guide you wisely so that you would not make such mistakes when making decisions. Have you ever wondered or asked ... Why you fail in your career, dreams or aspirations? Why your decisions hurt others more than yourself? Why some people succeed more than you, even when you’ve hustled more than them?

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Decide Your Future - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

This meditation is a great way to remove your fears and go to the next level of your life. This is a simple way to get out of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and other common problems. And this is not a theory, but practical strategy to overcome fears, worries, and phobias. This meditation in order to get rid of fears, phobias, subconscious blocks and restrictions that prevent you from becoming calm, healthy, rich and lucky.


How To Reduce Your Fears In 1 Day - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

Thought stopping (thought-stop) is a condition where all your thoughts, sounds, images, words and inner dialogues with invisible companions for some time disappear, and you reach a state of complete inner silence – not a sound, not a single image. This practice helps to develop the ability to quickly stop work of the body of thoughts and emotions, that is very important to work with uncontrollable negative runs programs, such as fears, worries, resentments, anger, through which you daily lose up to 80% of energy.


Stopping The Internal Dialogue - Book cover