Dr. Thomas E. Davis

United States


THOMAS EARL DAVIS residing in Monroe Twp, NJ. Thomas worked as: Farmhand; Gandy Dancer, Great Northern RR; Merchant marine, US Army Air Corps Materiel Command, Santa Monica, CA, Owned and Oper a Watkins Products Dealership, Dallas, TX.  Assoc Prof of Operative Dentistry, UNDNJ.

Military Service: US Army March 1943-1985 Retired in Grade of Colonel- O-6. Foreign duty: N. Africa, China-Burma-India, Korea, Japan, Germany. Spec Qual: Lic Private Pilot, Commercial, Multi engine, Instr rated, Glider and Parachute ratings.

Employment status: retired since 1985 and writing freelance. 100 plus publications. Autobiography, Peregrinations. Pub Xlibris, ISBN 1-4257-2148-6 hardcover, 1-4257-2147-8 softcover and Ebook. Pub 2006 Avail at Amazon.com

Books by Dr. Thomas E. Davis

America's First Female President...2016? by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Book cover.
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