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Eli Darzi


The author was fascinated all his life by the question of man’s suffering. Why the men in his searching for happiness find only pain? Why is the man eager to prolong his life when he is living in pain? What makes him run like hypnotize after nonexistence goals? What makes him die for ideas and ideals that are changing repeatedly? The answer that he has found was amazingly simple but hard to be accepted - thinking, is the reason for this eccentric behavior of man.

Books by Eli Darzi

To Live Is To Die First - Book cover

If I tell you that we're dead now, no less than ever, you probably will not accept that. True, if you ask me if I'm alive, I will say without any hesitation, "yes!" However, this is only because we, humankind, created such a reality in which; if I'm breathing and my heart beats, I am considered alive, but this conclusion comes from the assumption that I'm a thinking person who has knowledge about the body, life, and death.

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