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Elijah Mcleon


Elijah Mcleon with wife Nini and their then two children migrated to Australia from the Philippines in October 1988. Bringing along nothing but their faith they embarked in their quest for a better life.
As soon as they arrived, together with other pioneering members of 'Couples for Christ', a Christian Catholic Charismatic community they have helped to develop the newly formed group which was first established in Australia in August 1988.
Amidst the joyful atmosphere of the community never did he envision that he would get to the essence of what he was looking for, what life is all about. Through life events and experiences among brothers and sisters in the 'Couples for Christ' community, he had come up to share a way to a happy life which he has found.
With wife Nini as leaders in the community, they have become example to follow for other couples and those intending to marry. They had been giving talks and sharing their life experiences in this community which have also been supportive in their life struggles. Overcoming all odds they have come up with a kind of life beyond their expectations which they also like to share to the world.

Books by Elijah Mcleon

New Light, New Life, New You! by Elijah Mcleon. Book cover
A new way of looking at life, living it anew to be a new you is what this book is all about. A breakthrough in experiences of the author reveals a way to happiness, never been told before; yet it is also a timeless guide for everyone serious about what life is all about. This book will show you how an outsmarted man has experienced and done it.
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