New Light, New Life, New You!

New Light, New Life, New You! by Elijah Mcleon. Book cover.

11 September, 2015

A new way of looking at life, living it anew to be a new you is what this book is all about.  A breakthrough in experiences of the author reveals a way to happiness, never been told before; yet it is also a timeless guide for everyone serious about what life is all about.

This book will show you how an outsmarted man has experienced and done it.

If he has done it, so can you, by doing a lot less, because you strive only for what really matters.

It shows you the key to life which available to all, to the dumbest among the dumb, as to wisest among the wise; to the poorest among the poor as much as to the richest among the rich.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality

ISBN: 9781520149509


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