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Elsmere Gracey


Elsmere has lived in Northern Ireland for most of his life and has always had a passion for learning. He studied at the University of Ulster and graduated with a Master's degree in Management and Corporate Governance.

His most recent publication is entitled "Smarter Every Day; facts, trivia, & general knowledge" which is the fourth book in The Smarty Pants Series. The series includes: -

Clever Knickers - facts & general knowledge.
Smarter Than Yesterday - facts, trivia, & general knowledge.
The Enemy of Ignorance - facts, trivia, & general knowledge.
Smarter Every Day - facts, trivia, & general knowledge.

Books by Elsmere Gracey

Smarter Every Day - Book cover
“Smarter Every Day” is the fourth book in “The Smarty Pants Series” – a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge that offers the reader bite-sized chunks of random information. Why do fashion shows promote weird clothes that no one will wear? What happened to the Ghent Altarpiece? What is the red thing under a turkey’s neck called? Coincidences, murder mysteries, science, geography, people, animals, cars, sport ...
Non Fiction