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Smarter Every Day

Facts, Trivia, & General Knowledge

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January 30, 2020  |  1,035 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Smarter Every Day - Book cover“Smarter Every Day” is the fourth book in “The Smarty Pants Series” – a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge that offers the reader bite-sized chunks of random information.

•Why do fashion shows promote weird clothes that no one will wear?

•What happened to the Ghent Altarpiece?

•What is the red thing under a turkey’s neck called?

Coincidences, murder mysteries, science, geography, people, animals, cars, sport, religion, space, movies, inventions, phobias - this book has them all! Every page makes us smarter every day!

About Elsmere Gracey

IE Ireland

Elsmere has lived in Northern Ireland for most of his life and has always had a passion for learning. He studied at the University of Ulster and graduated with a Master's degree in Management and Corporate Governance. His most recent publication is entitled "Smarter Every Day; facts, trivia,...

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