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Erica Mann


Erica Elizabeth Mann was born and raised in a small, suburban town in Massachusetts and is the youngest of five children (4 girls, 1 boy). She relocated to Austin, Texas early 2018 to live with one of her older sisters when things began to shift for the better.

Erica was a victim of bullying growing up and had found mechanisms and the right network for her to grow and become successful. Erica went from critical, negative, and low self-esteem/worth to a beautiful butterfly who found her way into a world of positivism.

Erica's book, Bye Bye Social Fears, Hello World! talks about what she experienced to a degree, and what helped her transform. At the end of the day, she understood that once she became self-compassionate and learned to fully love herself (while surrounding herself with the right people), everything came together.

Books by Erica Mann

Bye Bye Social Fears, Hello World! - Book cover
If you have been on the spectrum of trauma at any point in your life and struggle with “putting yourself out there”, I would love to invite you into my journey. Are social situations and relationships sometimes difficult and you don’t know where to start, stop or continue? Does the fear and/or regret of your past cause concern for the present moment or future? This book will give you a glimpse into my personal experiences, my own trauma, and tactics that helped me conquer what we call life.
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