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Ernoir Neuvostarr


I practice in the art of historical fiction, particularly in ancient medieval bygone times. I hope you are a fan of my trade and in return for your support, I will endeavour to mould more tales of action, adventure and romance, which may be able to satisfy you desires to consume more epic folktales!

I am a Chinese-British national who has lived in the UK since I was a kid. Living in the Yorkshire countryside, I prefer the lush, green rural setting. I first gained enthusiasm for books when I was at school studying English language and English literature. This was probably because I had a great English teacher! I enjoy reading sci-fi, horror, mystery and historical fiction books. My favourite authors include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Terry Pratchett, J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis and Rick Riordan.

I am a Charted Surveyor who have worked in a variety of sectors including local government, education, insurance and the NHS. Using my spare time after work, I started to write stories. I had ideas for a book and considered modern day publishing structures suitable to enable me and put those thoughts onto paper, or more appropriately, digital. These days, it is better and easier for self-publishers to publish your own books. And so, I have dived in…

Books by Ernoir Neuvostarr

Diamond Champion - Book cover
Paradise Found is a story of adventure, action, exploration and romance. It is set around the 16th Century, the age of exploration, based loosely on the European conquest of South America. Long ago on a tranquil tropical island, a community of villagers were enjoying their daily, carefree lives. That was until a group of explorers arrive on their shores. They have travelled from afar and looking for treasure.
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