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Esme CM


Esme Cammarata Mueller (2003) was born in Berkeley, California, to two mothers: Kris and Marielle. She currently attends Tilden Predatory school taking advanced classes. Esme has been in love with writing from the young age of seven. She especially has a fondness for writing horror and drama genres. Her mind is constantly swarmed with crazy ideas, like, what if there was a time traveling train? What if you could go inside of paintings? She says that she doesn't just like to write, she has to write so she can get the ideas out of her head.

Esme has done works of poetry, short stories, and multiple novels, but has only published one work so far. Esme adores creating fantastical places and creatures while also representing and portraying the intensity of human emotions. Along with writing, she likes expressing her creative mind in other fashions. Esme creates digital art and has been practicing circus skills for five years. She hopes that, in the future, more of her art will be displayed for the world to see.

Instagrams: @everyday_esme @esmec_art @mylife0_0

Books by Esme CM

The Blood of Ziquar (book) by Esme CM

Long ago, a man named Ziquar brought magic into the world. He gifted his six children with shards of a gem, that, when united, would bring its wielder unspeakable power. Two people are on a quest for this gem. One- a madman, a murderer. The other, a young boy, by the name of Evan. In a world where magic is just as real as the dangers, who will live? And who’s blood will be spilt?

Fiction > Fantasy