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Eve Bernard


Emotional baggage, in the soul of a person, accumulates gradually, turning into blocks that take away energy, strength, health, and sometimes even common sense.
I teach how to get rid of this baggage without resorting to long-term therapy lasting for years, or pills. My work goes through enlightenment and is aimed at finding the source of the problem and the fact that it supports it, in human thought.
At the trainings, I create the conditions in which a person travels within himself, in which he is undergoing a renewal—and during it he recalls his real self, regains contact with resources, and finds a fresh look and determination to change.
I work with the author's method of dialogue meditation, which is aimed at transforming the source of the problem. This technique allows you to quickly investigate the problem and eliminate its source. The work takes place at a deep level, therefore it provides quick results.
The purpose of my work is to help a person become holistic and natural, able to independently and confidently move through life in joy and good health, all while following his true interests and desires. This provides a sincere and stable relationship, self-realization, and a sense of meaning in every lived minute of your life.

Books by Eve Bernard

When Parents Are Wings For a Child - Book cover
This book will be useful for parents who want to learn about a new approach to relationships with children. Being a parent is not an easy task. Be prepared for the fact that your worldview will be picked apart and deconstructed. You will have to change in order to understand your child. This may not be easy, but it will be a powerful catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth. Prepare for your personal beliefs to be challenged and reconfigured one by one, freeing up space for new perspectives.
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