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F. X. Burton


F. X. Burton is a gifted child of the King. He is widely experienced in unravelling the tangled skein of difficult marriages. In this auspicious debut, he brings a distinctive clarity to a nettlesome subject. Having squirmed in marital hell, he now lives with his wife in marital heaven. Their thriving union is blessed with two children, and they reside in England.

Books by F. X. Burton

Taming The Lioness: Ruling Your Wife By Love by F. X. Burton. Book cover
In the first of two books, this comes to shine the light on the wife by reflecting her in the mirror of her husband. With a rather appropriate title, this book serves stockpiles of earth-shattering information, which will delight your senses, pique your fancy, and whet your appetite for more. You can never see marriage the same way after reading this book. In what has both quick read sections as well as others that are a slow read (because you will find yourself poring over and over the lines) this book definitely makes gripping reading as it serves you a full course meal.
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