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by Tiffany Davis / US United States

Getting married to a man of your dreams has always been a lifetime goal and achievement for many women. If a couple moves through the entire journey of courtship without proper goals, it is often bound for failure. Courtship and love work hand in hand and must be navigated with care and the right goals in mind to get a relationship moving towards commitment and the final destination of marriage.


Get Him To Marry You With 12 Steps - Book cover
by Carolyn King / US United States

Is your relationship rolling downhill because of misunderstandings, feelings of distrust and insecurity? Are you and your partner constantly hurling accusations at each other and suffering because of your hurt feelings and inability to forgive each other? Is it getting harder for the two of you to have a heart to heart talk now that the pillar of trust has been broken? No worries. With this book, you will learn what trust entails ...


Trust Issues - Book cover
by Carolyn King / US United States

Love may occur most unexpectedly, in terms of time, place and affinity. For now, everything seems to be flowing smoothly and falling in place as it should since you have found yourself the man of your dreams. Yet, unwittingly, you find yourself wondering why he is starting to pull back though you have done nothing to warrant that reaction from him. At this very moment, instead of panicking, you should consider if he is indeed the right guy for you.


How To Know If He Is The Right Guy For You - Book cover
by Pamela Cummins / US United States

Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships is a unique book packed with wisdom for BIG relationships. Go inside the world of a psychic to see how the spirit world gives knowledge to transform your love life. This eBook will take you on the journey of self-love, boundaries, intuition, communication skills, and more.

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by Pamela Cummins / US United States

This eBook teaches readers how to reach their highest potential, learn to think positively, recognize red flags, how to let go of a relationship, improve communication skills, and understand how to attract and proceed with the “Right One.” Maybe you need to learn to “Keep your pants on” or “My fantasy is not reality” ...

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by Allan Wesley / US United States

A woman's guide for dealing with life's unpleasant truths and harsh realities -some men betray and deceive women. Here are your rules for dealing with this.


Who is the man in your bed?
by Christopher Ruiz / US United States

An Entertaining read that relates to everyday living A must read book for men who want to discover the Twenty Keys to attraction in an effective way. Not only will this book guide you in attracting women naturally, it will also break down your way of life and how it relates to the opposite sex ...

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Twenty Keys To Attracting Women
by Dr. Marcus Rose / US United States

FULL COLOR VERSION You won't find a more creative, humorous and informative relationship book than this! Dr. Marcus's familiarity with his subject matter comes from more than 30 years of practice & experimentation ...


What Adam Knows About Eve - Book cover

A Random Book

Parrot Talk
Parrot Talk - Book cover
by David B. Seaburn