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Ferleen Verneuil Joseph


Am Ferleen Verneuil-Joseph, a new Author.

I hail from the most beautiful Caribbean Island named Saint Lucia
I moved to England many years ago to fulfill my dream of becoming an Early years Teacher.
In 2014, I relocated to Poland upon a teaching post (Tesl) Teaching English as a second language to young children.

I love children, their smile, nature and their unapologetic Freedom to speak their mind, while exploring nature.
I have over 17 years of experience, helping them and also the young people.

As a result of writing many weekly, monthly and termly reports for children, my love for writing grew very rapidly.
I decided that am gonna write a children's book to share with the world.

The first book of Inspiration and motivation Quotes to help in this pandemic crisis. (So what if you have failed'! Be Inspired)
Second book, a children's book called: 'My wonderful mama'- out on Amazon this weekend.
With those books, am hoping to help reach out to the many battered women and young people in my country, to motivate and give them some hope.

Books by Ferleen Verneuil Joseph

So What If You Have Failed!: Be Inspired - Book cover
This book named, 'So What if you have Failed'!!, is as Ta result of my many experiences of failing along the way of progressing, moving on and Prospering. Your situation regardless of it being seemingly hopeless, does not have to make you end there and give up! This book with its two sections will solely bring you the comfort and strength that you need to remain positive, as well as being inspired and motivated to push yourself and even others forward.
Non Fiction > Self help