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Fred Calvert


Fred Calvert, born in a small town in Ohio, began his career as an animation artist for Walt Disney. He contributed thousands of drawings to such classics as Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians. He created programming for commercial and public television, including animation for Sesame Street and The Electric Company. He has written three live-action movies; The Rule of Three (a drama) Toi and Poochie (a love story) and Killing Ariel (a thriller). The Balladeer is his debut novel. He now lives in Studio City, California.

Books by Fred Calvert

The Balladeer by Fred Calvert. Book cover. Literature
The Balladeer is Bobby Wayner, fifty, forever grieved and punished by a lie he'd told when he was a boy in Kentucky. One summer night, Eldon, his older brother was murdered. The lie Bobby had told was partly to blame for his brother's death. Bobby couldn't tolerate his guilt, so he ran away and never reached back for many years. This was during the Second World War in 1944.
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