Gary Stone

Gary Stone
Author, Business Professional


Founder and Managing Director, Share Wealth Systems.

“Our core purpose is to empower and skill everyday investors to achieve a better life and retirement through stock market investing.”

Married with 3 children (28, 24, 20).
Hobbies: Golf (5), road running & fitness (ran more than 20 marathons), rugby union, cricket, camping.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He started his investing career in the stock market in 1989. Gary combined two of his main business interests, computing and the stock market, to establish a business in 1994 that provides active investing research, solutions, services and coaching to everyday investors.

Using technical analysis, Gary has researched and designed three investing methodologies that are commercially available to everyday investors. Gary uses these methodologies to invest and continues to conduct ongoing market research and analysis. His business has also developed its own commercially available intermediate-range technical analysis software called Beyond Charts.

Since 2008, Gary has continued to appear regularly on Sky Business television finance programs and since 1999 has presented at:
•    Trade shows.
•    Australian Technical Analysis Association (ATAA) meetings around Australia including four Annual ATAA Conferences the most recent of which is in October 2016, doubling up as the Annual Conference for IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts).

Gary has published his first book in 2016 titled: “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week. Powerful Time-tested Investing Strategies to Grow Your Nest Egg.”

Iain’s Investment Plan:

“Iain” is the name of an everyday investor, who is following a simple investment strategy detailed in “Blueprint to Wealth” – Gary Stone’s invaluable, no-nonsense guide to cutting through the clutter and getting more growth for your retirement nest egg.

This nest egg strategy reflects the everyday worker, with average contributions and an average retirement nest egg. Iain is already proving how simple it is to take control and outperform typical 401(k) and Superannuation plans by a long shot… in less than 15 minutes a week.

For decades, many large mutual fund institutions and their distribution networks have preyed on would-be investors and scared them into believing that it is too risky and too difficult to be a DIY investor. But Iain’s been mentored in the book, so he knows it’s not true and there’s a better way.

By following a simple “Blueprint to Wealth” strategy, Iain is well and truly bucking the trend. He’s proving the large financial players completely wrong and achieving a much higher return than he would have in his old fund… and he only switched on January 4th 2016.

Follow Iain’s journey at where his real money open-book retirement nest egg is regularly updated, warts and all, showing the open positions and how well it is faring compared to Iain’s previous investment avenue, a large Balanced Fund, and to the overall stock market.

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