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Blueprint to Wealth

Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week
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by Gary Stone  AU Australia

February 13, 2017   |    2,412 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Blueprint to Wealth by Gary Stone. Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week. Book coverEver heard of longevity risk? Recent research shows that around 80% of current workers of all ages will not have enough retirement money to last a comfortable independent retirement.
The primary reason people risk running out of money is that they're making the wrong investment choices for their retirement nest egg while they are working. This invaluable blueprint offers far better choices to help you secure a comfortable and independent retirement.

In Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week, you will discover:
• A simple investing strategy for 20 to 50 year olds that will help you achieve better results than nearly all active mutual funds over the long term -- and takes just 15 minutes every 3 months.
• Other simple investing strategies for any age group, including current retirees, that take no more than15 minutes a week to execute.
• How to ensure that your nest egg is protected if there is a severe bear market.
• Why diversification is a poor risk management strategy for multi-decade investing -- it can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in forfeited growth of your nest egg.
• Being fee-fleeced over many years costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you will never get back. Investing fees alone could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and an uncomfortable one.
• Myths about the stock market that are spread by the financial industry and active mutual funds to convince you not to try to grow your own nest egg (and why you should ignore them.)


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