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Gilli Allan


Growing up in the UK - in Orpington, Kent - my hobbies were drawing and writing ‘books’.  School and I didn’t get on and, as soon as I was able to, I left and went on to Art College.  I originally worked as an illustrator, in advertising.  I only began writing again, with the serious intention of being published, when I was married and at home with my young son. 
I write contemporary romantic fiction with an edge, or ‘Reality Romance’.  My first two novels - Just Before Dawn and Desires & Dreams - were ‘mainstream’ published, but these days I publish independently. I have two novels  - TORN and LIFE CLASS - currently available as e-books and in paperback.  FLY OR FALL is coming soon.   
I now live in a village, at the head of a beautiful valley in the Cotswold Hills, in Gloucestershire.  Still a keen artist I draw and paint, design Christmas cards, accept illustration commissions  and regularly attend a weekly art class. I’ve been a school governor, a contributor to local newspapers and was one of the initiators of the successful community shop in my village. 

Books by Gilli Allan

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LIFE CLASS - about art, life, love and learning lessons. Four very different individuals a 'VD' lady, a housewife, a rent boy and a sculptor all have their own reasons for attending the Life Class. They all have different ambitions and expectations from life. By the end of the story, each of them has experienced a change of heart.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
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TORN - You can escape your past but can you ever escape yourself? TORN is a contemporary story, which faces up to the complexities, messiness and absurdities in modern relationships. Life is not a fairy tale; it can be confusing and difficult. Sex is not always awesome; it can be awkward and embarrassing, and it has consequences.
Fiction > Romance