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Gordon Lee


Gordon Lee served two years in the Army National Guard, three years in the USMC making the rank of sergeant. He also notably served 20 years with the city police, and became chief of police. He was a traveling coin dealer for 10 years and ran his own store as a sports card dealer. For 24 years of his life he dealt in Antiques. He has travelled across Europe and America, living a life full of experiences which he is now sharing with others through his books. To this day, he is still residing in Oregon. Gordon Lee is a Life Member of the Tillamook County Pioneer Association.

Books by Gordon Lee

Growing Up In Bay City Oregon by Gordon Lee. A Memoir 1936 - 1953. Book cover.
Growing Up In Bay City Oregon: A memoir 1936 – 1953 is a coming-of-age historical memoir that follows the life of Gordon Lee from birth in 1936 until he joins the marines in 1953. Gordon Lee’s family leaves their life behind in Nebraska to move cross country to Oregon when he is still only a small child. His father, in search of a war effort job, finds work with Kaiser Shipyard on Swan Island in Portland, Oregon where Lee attended Woodstock School.
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